Open HTML files in Teams chat in safari on ipad

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I`m using an Apple ipad with Teams installed as an app. If someone sends a html document in a Teams chat, it opens it as a text document rather than in Safari.


I`ve searched but can`t find where to associate .html files with Safari. 

Any ideas? 



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Hi James.  As far as I am aware, file associations cannot be set by users within iOS.  I tested the same and found that html files will open as text doc.  

@PeterRising Thanks for the reply. 


Thought this might be the case. I`ll see if i can work around this issue. 


Is there any updates on this issue? I have work orders sent to teams and the view as text.

Can I nudge this question again...any update/solutions/workarounds?

So far all I've found is to copy the link from Teams, open a browser and paste in the link...doable on occasion, but not at all a viable option day to day...!


Thanks, Nick