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I created a Team OneNote within Teams. By default does everyone have access to edit this OneNote? If so how can I only give specific members within team the ability to edit. I want 90% of the team to be read only so that only admin/supervisors can edit this OneNote.


This was not pre-existing one note, but created on teams.

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@kinnishc you should be able to manage permissions the same way you do with any OneNote notebook. Check out this article and see if it will work for you.

@rachelcackleberry Thank you for responding. I reviewed that link and it only shows sharing with the teams group (says shared with _____ team members), not the individuals within the team. I am new user to this so any additional info is appreciated.

@kinnishc no problem!


When you open OneNote in browser or in app (OneNote in Teams is now read only) you can click the share button in the top right corner and it will give you a Send Link window.


Click the ellipsis then Manage Access - from here you should see all people with access and can change settings for each person.


rachelcackleberry_0-1591139044891.png        rachelcackleberry_1-1591139063120.png


If they are in groups as above and you want to keep it to individuals, you can also stop sharing with the groups and share with specific people and either check or uncheck the allow editing box. You can get to this screen by clicking People you specify can view from the first screenshot.


Note: You should make sure you as the owner are in there and have the right access before you remove all the group access!



Hope this helps!




Hi, wondering if you can help. I have just seen this post as I have been searching having had issues. I am doing what you have suggested but then after a few hours it reverts back to no-one having editing. Any ideas?  Thanks

Hi @woodgreen - Are you getting any error messages? Or are people just unable to edit?

Thank's for your reply. No there are no error messages. I have been doing exactly as you have suggested previously but when I go back later the permissions have reverted back to no-one in the list has permission to edit. The irony is this is in the collaboration area of onenote! I'm sure it's user error, any ideas? Thanks

Hi @woodgreen - Apologies for the delay, I'm trying to move this account to a new email and it persists with the original! Out of curiosity, I know this is a OneNote in Teams thread but wanted to make sure this is where you are using it, and where it was created. It may narrow the troubleshooting a little bit more.

Hi No problem. Yes its in teams under the staff notebook tab. It came up automatic in the General channel. I thought I had cracked it by going into Manage Notebooks and changing permissions but still reverts back to not giving permissions. It does however have a tick against each person in the Manage Note book section. Hope this makes some sense!

@woodgreen - just wondering if you ever got an answer/solution for this issue? I've got the same thing happening... I change the permissions and they revert back after a day or so.