OneNote app not Working in latest Teams update

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Is anyone else having the problem of OneNote notes not loading in teams anymore?

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I just started having the same problem.
Yes. This morning I was able to view my onenote in teams and then by 11am, I am unable to view the onenote or sync any new onenotes to my Teams

@Zagorac  Same here - after I opened ticket and spent some time on the phone w msft, the functionality just started working again. Prior to the miracle, I couldn't access existing notebooks or create new notebooks via existing or new tabs via the Teams desktop app nor Teams web - but could access the onenote notebooks directly via the onenote/16/web/sharepoint.


Guess it was a temp bug...


Now everything is back to normal for me....


Good lucK!!  

Any feedback form MS from this? @ColoradoDan 


All users in the tenant having the issue for 14 + Days. MS or our CSP cannot solve yet. 


Any other info would be appreciated, 

My organization has been having this issue with OneNote as well.  It has not gone away and is proving a hassle for our team since we have to go online (outside of the desktop app) to get to OneNote now.  Any updates on a fix???


@Zagorac Having this same problem as well.  Started a page on a new section from the OneNote App, the Teams interface and web browser interface just show a loading screen. 

Was there ever a solution to this problem offered?

I have an issue with MS Teams for education, the Staff or Student notebook creation or viewing does not work.
I am using android and ios clients.
My org is having this issue today. Was fine this morning and now my OneNote won't load in Teams.


My colleague and I have been using Teams intensely for quite some time. Each one of us is registered in the other's environment as a Guest Team user. Since yesterday neither one of us can access the embedded OneNote notebooks.

Please advise if this may be related to an update or what else may be the issue. And most of all - how we can resolve



@EdithN - our organisation is now also having issues with being able to open or see OneNote with Teams, it was working perfectly ok last week, yet today, during our team meeting, only i, as the author can see.  I tried removing and re-submiiting it as a file attachment and still cannot get the team to see, would also like help and advise from anyone who knows how to fix this problem, as causing huge issues.

@Michelle500 Thanks for sharing. It does seem as there may be an update issue?


We have been having the same issue since early last week, hoping for a speedy resolution to this.

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@DougBrooks Or dear! There really seems to be an issue.

Does @microsoftteamsteam view the items posted here?

Until we receive a patch - we've found a work-around as follows:

The OneNote owner can open the notebook and call up a link to any one page. When posted in the team's Posts section, the OneNote and all other OneNotes one may be sharing in this environment can be accessed.

also: @Michelle500 

Best wishes, Edith

When setting up one of the our more recent classes one note created a file (or link if you like?) and placed it within the files folder for the that class, our students for that class are still able to access the onenote book , but i have yet to re create how it was done.
It would appear MS are in such a rush to compete with Zoom that they are adding "features" without truly testing them with their own echo systems.



I'm having the same issue on my MAC since the upgrade.