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I'd like help with building communications with students in the online world of MS Teams.


This semester when we moved to online, I was fairly successful with maintaining communications as I was teaching ~40 senior engineering students that I already knew.


1. One challenge that I would like help with is scheduling presentations - each student did a five minute presentation to myself and three other reviewers. With 40 students scheduling 40 meetings it was doable but painful to schedule the 40 meetings. I would have liked to had a single meeting that I allowed students into when it was their turn. In other words I would like to use the lobby function for people within my organization. 


This summer I will be teaching online sophomore engineering students that I have never met. I'd like to build  communications with them. Historically I did that through one on one sessions and office hours. 


2. Their first homework assignment is to come and meet with me for ~5 minutes. As with question number one, I'd rather not have to schedule or manage 50 invites to five minute meetings. I'd prefer to have an open meeting that they would queue in and then I let them in for a one on one conversation in order they arrived. When done with one, I'd remove them and take the next. Just like if they were queueing outside my door.


3. Historically I have had office hours, students would come by my office and ask questions, etc. If another student was in my office they's wait in the hall until their turn. As with my other two questions I'd like to have an open Teams meeting and they queue to enter. If a study group wants to join I can then bring the whole group in.


Any ideas to achieve my goals appreciated.


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I also want this! Is this the right place to ask for this feature?

Hi @el-profe and @JimG421 


You can use the lobby function in Teams Meetings to control who enters your meeting. To use this feature first setup the meeting on Teams and then edit the meeting, under "Meeting Options" you can configure your meeting lobby options.


Adil Yoosuf