Office 2021 Teams desktop version with O365 basic account

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Hi there,
I am thinking about using O365 basic (no desktop versions) for my startup for collaboration etc. We already have Office versions mostly 2021 Prof installed, meaning we do have a desktop version installed.

I am wondering if I can use the desktop version of the Office 2021 version but log in with my O365 basic user?
(Would prefer not to use O365 business (which includes the desktop versions) yet)
Any recommendations /experiences?

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Hello, if you sign in with that "basic" user account and it's different from the one you used when setting up the Office 2021 you will only get the Teams for personal use experience. It's all depending on what licensing an account has when signing in to Teams, i.e. there's no restriction to sign in but the account signing in will determine the Teams experience you'll get.

Hope that made sense!

Hi @ChristianJBergstrom,
thanks for your answer.
So if it is a different one and I only get the Teams for persoanl use experience - do you mean by that that it would not be possible to communicate/collaborate with the team or do you mean that some of the functionalities might not be available for the "basic" user?


Hello! Yes, that's pretty much what I meant. In the "Teams for personal use" you've got limited features. But still plenty has been done in that version too, when it was first released you couldn't do much. You will notice if it's Teams for personal use or the full featured Teams experience when signing in.