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Although I am able to run my OBS virtual camera in Zoom and WebEx, I do not have that functionality in Teams Meetings or Live Events.


I am running Windows 10.


Any ideas?  Is it an update issue or an Office 365 admin setting?



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Me myself and many other have this working! There’s a few blog post about setting it up out there so just do a search on how to set it up.

I know there was some issues after the latest update and I haven’t been able to test yet!
Check this thread about this:


@adam deltinger 

This thread dealt with MacOS, not Windows 10.


Thanks for bringing it to my attention, though.



@andersonj I experience the same problem after the last teams update with OBS v. 26.0.2
My OBS virtual cam is sometimes only visible for other conferencing tools, but not for Teams.
It seems that this problem can be solved by starting Teams prior to OBS, while if I firstly start OBS and afterwards Teams, Teams is not able to show the camera picture.

@AndreasRother  thank you- been trying to figure it out for a bit now- that worked