no outgoing video on Teams on MacBook Air M1

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since today others in a Teams meeting don't see my video. I do see my video in the lower right corner myself. on my iPad and iPhone everything works good but on my MacBook Air M1 on Big Sur the problem is there. Only in the app though, in the web client outgoing video works fine. 

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same problem here (macbook Air M1)


Update: My Intel MacBook is still working

@ivobeemster Same here, though on a MacBook Pro M1

since today?
Same here
MacBook Pro M1
yes since today
same problem here :(
Same problem here. Macbook Pro M1 .
I see that there is a new update for Big Sur 11.4, would that solve the problem (didn't update yet)
mine is on 11.4, so that does not solve the issue, apparently
and here another M1 user with the same problem :(
Same here with Microsoft Teams Version
I have version - so it seems this is also not the issue ....

I have the same issue. Works fine on Zoom but not on Teams.

I experience the same problem.
can someone at Microsoft give an update here?


Same problem reproduced with standard, developer and public preview version on three M1 devices.
Same here - MacBook M1 with Teams v Works fine on a non M1 Macbook using same meeting link etc but when on the M1 other users cannot see my video (although I can).



Same issue here, Macbook Air M1, attaching an external webcam does not help issue stays.

Same here, no m1 Computer can send video. They see themself but others cannot see video.
In 1on1 and in Meetings

Same form me with iMac M1@RogerPaolo