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I heard there was a way to virtually attend NFL games via Teams. How can I do that?

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I guess you are referring to the Fan Mosaic, that will be displayed in the end zone. I'm not sure if they started yet, I watched NFL Redzone yesterday and can't remember seeing that.


But it looks like it will be like it is for NBA, each home team handle the requests to join, so check with your teams.

@Linus Cansby can you help me? 

tried doing the same thing as NBA did but players keep on showing up in the together mode when the camera closes up to the players. see attached. 

FYI I set the game feed as the host camera so that all participants can see the gameplay feed.

You are trying to broadcast a NBA game via Teams? I assume that is not legal but you should not using together mode for that.

You're trying to use Teams to broadcast an NBA game? I'm not sure if that's allowed, but you shouldn't do it using together mode.

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