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Hi Guys,


In Teams (work or school), we have a private sub-channel for one of our departments. This department would like to use Microsoft Planner privately between them to keep up with upcoming tasks. For the "General" channel, I am allowed to add a Planner tab. However, when I select a sub-channel and click on "Add Tab", Planner is no longer an option.


As a workaround, I had added a Website Tab for this private channel, which was loading the private Planner of the departments via the (tasks office website) address. This method works perfectly in Windows and Mac versions of the old (Classic) Teams application. However, recently we've been promoted to switch to the new version of Teams and the tab does not load. I believe it should request me to login to get permission but the login page also does not load.


Windows Microsoft Teams Classic (64 bit) - works fine.

New Microsoft Teams Version 23335.232.2637.4844 - does not load.


Mac Microsoft Teams Classic - works fine.

New Mac Teams version 24033.812.2721.9190 - does not load.


There is a bar on top of the window with a small error that says: "You're viewing content from (tasks office website). Be sure you trust this site before using it. If the site doesn’t load properly, open it in a browser."


Does anyone know a solution?


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Hi @ezybao,

I tried to reproduce your issue and the same error occurs for me too. 

I have tried to delete the cache, sign-out and sign-in to the new Microsoft Teams, but the issue is still there (Microsoft Teams-Version 24033.811.2738.2546., updated 18.03.2024). When using New Microsoft Teams on the web I am also having the same issue.

In the classic Microsoft Teams the issue is not there.

It seems to be global version problem.

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Leon Pavesic

Hi Leon. Thanks for trying :\