New Teams Uninstalling After Reboot

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I am having an issue in our environment with the New MS Teams uninstalling itself after rebooting, or if a user is working within their Windows profile. This is issue just started occurring 06/06/2024. Here are the following troubleshooting steps I have tried to resolve the issue with no prevail. 


• Isolated the issue to domain-joined machines.
• Uninstalled and reinstalled the Teams client.
• Removed the Classic Teams client and Teams System-Wide Installer.
• Deleted all Classic Teams program data folders, including AppData and any Teams Addin folder.
• Verified that there are no Group Policies managing or deploying the new Teams.
• Managed the new Teams deployment in Intune via an Entra ID security group and removed the group associated with the application package.
• Confirmed that ME Endpoint Central has no configurations or updates managing the new Teams.
• Deployed the latest May and June 2024 Cumulative Security updates to test machines, but the new Teams client still uninstalls after rebooting.
• Repaired the Edge Webview2 Runtime component.
• Checked application logs; none are associated with Teams.
• Moved a test machine from the "Workstation OU" to the "Test OU" to bypass the Endpoint Central Agent push by group policy, rebooted with and without the Endpoint Central agent, but the new Teams client still uninstalled.
• Reviewed the Teams Update Policy in the Teams Admin Center; it is set to update all users within the organization to the new Teams.
• Removed the Endpoint Central agent from his machine, rebooted, and the new Teams client did not uninstall. However, it uninstalled overnight once he connected to the domain the following day.
• Raised support tickets with ME Endpoint Central and Microsoft to check machine logs.


If anyone knows anything, any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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