New Teams on Mac freezes immediately after I'm done sharing my screen

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Whenever I use new teams (which my organization is now forcing) and share my screen, immediately following me stopping sharing my screen teams freezes. I have to quit teams and rejoin the meeting. EVERY TIME. It's unreal. Every Mac, every meeting, every time. Only using New Teams... not old teams. Any thoughts? And it only happens when I stop sharing... as soon as I hit stop share... it freezes - the rest of my Mac is fine and while I'm sharing everything is fine, but when I press stop share, Teams Freezes, I have to quit Teams, restart Teams and rejoin the Meetings. Super professional, btw. 

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I'm having the same issue. Any solution? @kevinwg0351 

Same issue - although it is immediately upon sharing my screen. The meeting keeps going and I am able to rejoin, but the screen sharing is a no-go at this point on the desktop

In my case, as in original post, it freezes *after* sharing.

I have faced the same issue with the "new" Microsoft Teams for Mac and have tried every troubleshooting measure. My "new" MS Teams Mac freezes as soon as someone shares their video/webcam, when I attempt to share my video/webcam, when someone begins sharing their screen, or when I begin sharing my screen which all of course makes the "new" MS Teams unusable.  I've tried clearing cache, uninstalling and reinstalling the application, modifying every setting within the application itself, etc. and nothing will resolve the issue. My wish is/was that Microsoft would release a fix via software update in advance of the forced switch deadline from "old" to "new" Microsoft Teams but that wish of course has not been granted. Has anyone found a resolution? Thanks!