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I'm missing the 'New Page' button at the bottom of notes.  We have been using it to track weekly minutes for a number of committees.  Is there any way to bring this back?  I have quit teams and restarted.  I have restarted computer.  It seems to have disappeared in the last week.  Circled in Red where it used to be.  Get to this list by clicking on the hamburger when in meeting notes.



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Yup - I noticed this as well. I have weekly meetings and it disappeared some time between 2021-10-06 and 2021-10-13. I have a call open with Microsoft about it to find out if this is a bug or if Microsoft removed it for some reason (can't imagine why they would though). First line support hadn't noticed it but have since escalated it and are awaiting a response.

Oddly, just prior to 2021-10-06 it disappeared from the Teams client but was still available via the web client, so I reckon it was around then that it vanished.
Anxiously awaiting a reply on this one. For now just shoving all new weekly notes for my meeting into the last page I was able to create on 10/06/2021.
This appears to be related to how wiki pages function, as that is all the Meeting Notes tab is. It seems like there is a limitation on how many new pages can be added before you are not able to add any more. At least that is what I am seeing in the one user I've had report it so far.

These Meeting Notes pages are all being saved as .mht's in your SharePoint site, or in your MyFiles folder in OneDrive, so it's possible that is playing into this. I was able to work around this by just creating a new wiki tab and naming it Meeting Notes for October. This allowed them to continue to use the functionality without losing the data from the previous meeting notes while I continued to hunt for a cause or permanent solution...which I had hoped to find here. Alas, the search continues.

@IanU I have exactly the same experience. I would like to know when Microsoft fix this issue.

@IanU could you share your Microsoft Case reference, so that I can also refer to it on another Case call? Thanks
Any updates on this one?
Have tried to get help from Microsoft support on the same issue, but no solution yet.

@Moen88 Discovered a work around from another forum.  The meeting is a wiki with a specific name.  Start a Wiki in teams.  Rename it to  Meeting2, New Meeting or something similar.  This new wiki will have the new page function at the bottom.  There will still be an issue with old meeting minutes being in a different area.