New Owner of Teams but cannot add members

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I was given full ownership of our organization in Teams from an employee who is no longer with the company. When she was owner, she could add our employees as members by inviting them to the organization (we all have the same domain: for our emails), yet once ownership was transferred, I never was given the ability to invite people to our org. Any time I go to add a member to the team and type in the email address for the employee, it only gives me the option to add that person as a guest. So I have ended up having to add all new employees as guests to our organization which would be fine if guests had all the same access as members, which they do not. 


So for one, I need to figure out why I cannot add ppl as members and #2, I'll need to see if I can backtrack those who have already been added as guests to re-add as members once I have this function available to me. 


(I have attached a screenshot to show what I see on my teams dashboard as an owner. Any time I go to help areas in Teams about adding members, all of the tutorials show another tab at the bottom to "invite people to your org" yet I do not have that option.)

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@HannahSJohnson  let clear few things here...


if you are the owner of a Team you should be able to click on ... 3 dots and then add members so whoever is in your organization will be added as a member unless you promote them to owners.


External users first need to be added a Guest user in your Azure tenant and then added to the teams same like members but they will be called Guest... while having the same permission depends on the Teams settings for users/guests.


you could add members/guest by ... 3 dots or you could go to manage team > members > add members > Start typing a name or group > add


you could also add members from the Teams Admin center if you got access to that section of your teams admin center.


once you have all your members you can always promote a member to the owner and demote an owner to a member.


try the above and let me know if that works for you!