New Microsoft Teams Filters Enhance Personal Appearance in Video Meetings



Two new filters available for Teams video meetings promise to help participants look their very best. The brightness filter projects a soft light onto the face of participants while the soft-focus (aka Botox) filter reduces the effect of facial wrinkles and cease lines. Although no miracles are promised, the new filters should help everyone look a little better the next time they turn on video during a Teams call.

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Thanks @TonyRedmond - this feature is long-awaited.

@TonyRedmond do you know how to turn the filter option on for users? We don't have that option available - followed the steps and not present. Thanks!

According to MC352623 (May 19), the roll-out was delayed and won't be complete until late June. Your tenant might not have received the update yet.

I don't have this option. I have downloaded the latest version of Teams today but still no luck.  My colleagues have this option but I don't.  Is it available on a Macbook Air 2022?



I don't use a Mac, so I can't confirm if the Mac version of Teams has these filters yet. Maybe another Mac user can comment?


My MS Teams check updates is on this version (64-bit). It was last updated on 06/08/2022.

But I not see the new feature available on my PC. I am using window 11. Pls help. 
Thanks in advance.
Can anyone in your tenant access the new filters? If not, the software update hasn't reached you yet and you'll have to wait for the deployment to reach you.
Hi Tony: I am using the free (classic) version. Is this feature available as well?
Would u pls help elaborate in previous answer a little more detail about deployment still not reached my tenant?
Thank you very much in advance.
You might want to contact Microsoft support to ask your question. I don't work for Microsoft and have no idea what configuration or environment you're running in, so I can't answer your question.

In terms of the software, most features depend on a mixture of server and client components. If you have an updated client and the server hasn't been updated with the necessary components, you don't see a feature. It's as simple as that.
  1. @TonyRedmond 

This feature appears to have been removed in the latest Teams (August 2023) ... why would MS do that?

@PhilGreenway Have you looked in Teams settings? That's where the controls seem to be now...


Filters in Teams settingsFilters in Teams settings

Actually no... the filters appear to have been turned off in both the Teams classic and 2.1 clients. I must ask why!

After playing around with the Teams 2.1 client a little more, I think I see the problem. The filters option appears to indicate that No filters are chosen, but if you go to settings (cog wheel)




You can see the options to control the brightness and soft-focus filters.


Video filtersVideo filters

I think this is because the soft focus and brightness filters are deemed to be basic video settings whereas filters are now more like the Maybelline set ( which are loaded by an app and can therefore be blocked by tenant administrators.

@TonyRedmond Hi, I'm having the same problem and I just don't see anything other than the background option. The filters section is just not there, I have tried it both on the app on my mac computer and on my android phone app. 



Please keep working on your personal appearance enhancers. Zoom is still doing better because you can choose a lip color and then adjust its intensity. What I don't like about the Teams filters is that you have to choose a make-up look and most of the looks are not good for my skin tone (African American light brown). Like the cheek colors will look good but the lip color is all wrong. Or lip color is good but the rest is too intense. Try adding an Intensity button so aspects of it can be toned down. And give the choice of a lip color instead of all pre-packaged in a set. 

This matters because when I have a 6AM or 7AM meeting, it's nice not to have to apply make up. For now, I will stay on Zoom but since I love Microsoft Office 365, I will hope you all can do better! Please add a diverse group of women to this development team, Tony! 

I am a Microsoft fan and as CEO, I moved our entire workforce to use of Surface Pros and Office 365 (they were formerly an all Apple workforce). In fact, I volunteer to be a test user as you fine-tune your offering. 

@TonyRedmond Yeah it used to be there last year sometime, but Teams auto-updates so I can't be sure when it changed but it's never come back.

I see the soft focus and brightness filters in the set available for meetings...