New feature to add new account can't add another work account?

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So, I was waiting for mothts for this feature to roll out, it's finally possible to add more accounts to MS Teams, am I right?

Well, no. Why is it only possible to add a personal account and not another work account? I have an account in 2 organizations, why can't I add both for god's sake?

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Hello, yeah I know it's frustrating and a feature many want. I've had the personal option quite some time and as far as I know the multiorg. accounts are coming, but have no ETA and haven't heard a thing about it for a long time either. So I can't say what's going on "behind the scenes". Perhaps they changed things with the Teams Connect announcement, don't know to be honest.
@matej_zika I agree with @ChristianBergstrom. It's been a problem from the beginning. The best you can do is to use a separate browser or profile for the other accounts or else use your mobile device to switch between Teams accounts (you can do it there). My understanding is that the mobile app is newer and doesn't have some of the architectural challenges and that is why it is possible there and not in the desktop client yet. I do still hear that they are working on it. No ETA at this time though.



Hi there has this been fixed yet?

I didn’t know about the multiple organization support in the mobile app, that is so useful, thank you!
Does anybody know if someone at the Microsoft team actually reads this and tries to do something about it? The post is from may, and the problem is still there (as far as it concerns my attempts to create multiple accounts). I have four kids at the same school and just one computer for them all to share, but unfortunately, I can have multiple accounts on Teams. Hope they fix this soon.
Work in progress.

You should either use separate Win profiles or separate browser profiles. I.e. instead of using the desktop app in only one Win profile with multiple accounts.
Microsoft needs some engineers from google. I have multiple google accounts and it simple creates profiles that can be selected, giving you the option to choose which account you want to use. Microsoft, with a little ingenuity, can do the same.