Need Help Updating Planner Task Details Using Microsoft Graph SDK in C#

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Hello everyone,

I am facing challenges while trying to update Planner task details using the Microsoft Graph SDK in C#. I have followed the official documentation ( , but I'm encountering issues with the provided methods. Here are the details of the problem:

1. Using PatchAsync:
The method PatchAsync mentioned in the documentation is not available in the Graph SDK version 4.44.4 that I'm using. I get a compile-time error when attempting to use this method.




2. Using PutAsync:

  • I tried using the PutAsync method, but I received the following error:


Message: No HTTP resource was found that matches the request URI '{task-Id})/details'.


3. Using CreateAsync and UpdateAsync:

  • I attempted to use CreateAsync and UpdateAsync methods, but encountered errors related to routing conventions and null values in the request.

    Here is how I am constructing the request:

    • Headers:


var headers = new List<HeaderOption>
    new HeaderOption("Prefer", "return=representation"),
    new HeaderOption("If-Match", TaskETag)


Request Body:


var requestBody = new PlannerTaskDetails
    Checklist = new PlannerChecklistItems
        AdditionalData = new Dictionary<string, object>
                check.Key , new
                    OdataType = "microsoft.graph.plannerChecklistItem",
                    Title = check.Value.Title,
                    IsChecked = check.Value.IsChecked,



I am seeking guidance on how to properly update task details in Planner using the Microsoft Graph SDK in C#. My goal is to create checklists as Team 1 in Team 2.

Any help or insights on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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