Multiple Organizations in Windows App NOT Shown

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Hi to all,

Till today I had 3 organizations : beenear, atb and ditech and today I have been added as guest to a fourth organization JobInformatica, from mobile app I see all 4 organizations, from Web teams too BUT from Windows App I see only 3 organizations.... ( not always ) 


If I select ONLY this , then I see this :



sometimes i see this If i select




and it is asking me to accept the invitation ( I have accepted it minimum ten times ) .


And I can then switch to JobInformatica organization, but If I am on first 2 organizations I cannot see the fourth organization (JobInformatica ) ... 
I have tryied to uninstall the app, to clear the cache, everything....


I am using Windows 10, I repeat only on Windows app I have this error.

please help me.

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@ChristianJBergstrom  Yes I have tryied to clear the cache in that way...

But, strange, today it is working without doing nothing. Yesterday I have restarted the pc 3 times.