Multiple Accounts in the Teams Desktop App


The iOS app for Teams allows me to be logged onto multiple accounts simultaneously, but not the desktop App.


Do we know when this will be coming?




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The latest public information is that Microsoft is testing this internally and with some customers. It is listed as "working on it" in the uservoice request. A comment also says that they are planning to release it "this fall", but that I doubt.

Thanks Linus


For those of us that don't live in the US, when is "this fall"?





@Linus Cansby 

@Craig Bryden Since I don't live in US I don't know really :) But I guess that their plan was to release it during second half of 2019, but a major thing like this should been listed in the roadmap first and Microsoft should have mentioned it a Ignite, but I haven't heard anything. 


A guess from my side is H1 2020.

hello All,

we are now Q2 2020 .. do you have some news about this mandatory feature?


I represent 4 Office 365 accounts for 4 different companies and can't wait for this feature as it is a pain trying to manage this through different browsers.  Would be great to hear target release.  


I don't understand the feature disparity between Teams Mobile vs. Desktop apps.

The multiple accounts is a big deal when collaborating between different organizations, family, friends, ...


Another funny one is that you can't reply to an email with the Teams Desktop App, whereas you can with the mobile apps.


I love MS Teams, it's awesome! but some of these feature disparities between devices are hard to explain... and very frustrating to use. 


@Craig Bryden 


Autumn.  Named after the falling of the leaves.

@Craig Bryden Thank you for asking this question, I have also had this question for about a year and am now just checking this community for answers. I see there is still no solution. 

Tell me about it. I find this to prove that Microsoft is behind with their thinking.

Latest Update:
February 2021 seems to be the date finally.

P.S: Is it that haaaard for a company such as Microsoft to get these kind of features out to the public ? quite 2 years in development !! REALLY ?! :|

@pemish and even at that they only seem to maybe be bringing functionality of one personal and one business/school account despite the app allowing multiples of each. As @henrywood states, he uses 4 different accounts for business, as do many of us (I use 3) so when it's finally launched we still won't have the functionality. For now I just open multiple Private browsers and login to each one, but that's super inefficient and not exactly user friendly.

@pemishas you and many others, I am waiting for this feature for a long time already. In a user's perspective, this is just not comprehensible. And, from a technical point of view I would believe that it is some kind of medium complexity. Additionally, we all know that iOS and Android implementations have that feature (since ever or so...).


Altogether, I believe that Microsoft simply sets other priorities. However, this is really frustrating.

Well said and couldn't agree more.  This is by far the biggest pain with Teams, especially when competitors have been able to add this feature (from the start) and even Teams has it on their mobile platforms as you mentioned.  Microsoft, please make this a priority, fortunately your marketing department was ingenious in bundling this with Office 365 making it difficult to switch to competitors.  The ironic part is this is only an issue if you use Microsoft Windows, you seem to have resolved it for all operating systems but your own.  

@henrywood  well no actually,
The problem persists even on Mac and probably Linux.

Thank you for clarification, I guess since it worked on Android I assumed Chromebooks worked with it as well but I don't use Mac or Chromebooks so that appears to be an inaccurate assumption.  Linux doesn't count as I'm guessing that is rarely used as primary OS for Teams users.    @pemish 

@henrywood - believe it or not, there are crazy people like us out there that run Teams on their Linux desktops, and the problem persists there too :)


To that point, though - a lot of us are running Teams because it is merely an included feature with our M365 licensure. The other guys really have honed in on their niche and made world class apps for IM, team discussion, video chat, screen sharing, etc. Teams, on the other hand, is good at just being okay at everything it does, but it's not super great at any particular thing.


The inability to easily switch user accounts is baffling.

@santiagon610for sure, I agree that it is just annoying that Microsoft does not implement that feature.


However, I really like Teams and its possible integrations - I also prefer it over slack and others. That is why this really bothers me, since I need two accounts and I am not able to switch smoothly on desktop.


BTW: Just checked and also I can confirm that this issue persists on Ubuntu (using the latest deb package MS provides) and on Mac (Big Sur).

When will this feature be made available? I have multiple accounts that I regularly need to switch between. I looks like I'm not the only one that need this. Spend very much time on Microsoft Teams in these covid-19 times. The feature is long awaited.