MSTeams Desktop Client Authentication : Popup not showing [Angular @microsoft/teams-js: 1.8.0]

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Hi There, 
microsoftTeams.authentication.authenticate works perfectly on teams web client but not working on the teams desktop client, 
Tried many workarounds suggested by ms community, async, using promises but nothing is worked. 
calling authenticate following microsiftTeams.
initialize() is opening a browser tab instead of a desktop client popup
Any workaround for this? 
Is there a way to debug MS-teams desktop client?
Teams SDK :  @microsoft/teams-js: 1.8.0
Angular 8
microsoftTeams.authentication.authenticate works on web client  but not on the desktop client
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Thanks, but I tried solutions in this discussion, mentioned solutions did not work  for me

Hi @ThereseSolimeno,

I am facing same problem as @priyantha125 and have tried the solution referenced in the link you have mentioned.

Is there anything else we can try?

Please check for multiple Microsoft teams SDK initializations (microsoftTeams.initialize()), if you have multiple initializations in the same component the authentication pop-up won't open