MS TEAMS Voicemail not available in Calls settings

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the voicemail option should be visible under Calls in Teams settings


but it isn't


teams admin console and power shell confirm that voicemail is enabled for the user.

re-login to the Teams - done

reinstallation of Teams - done


what else can we do?





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Could be a delay if the policy has recently been updated. But perhaps you need to work through the Docs article




we experience the same problem - and I have just done what you suggested, with adding a new voicemail policy.


But nothing changed, still, in the TEAMS / user settings, no voicemail option is shown.


Andy other idea?


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now, I have found the spot where the voicemail can be "switched on" .. :)


MS TEAMS Admin Center // VoIP 

Incoming Calls Policies

Managing Global Policies

... Voicemail is available for forwarding incoming Call ... set this to active !!!



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