MS Teams virtual background effects blending with real background

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I've been using MS Teams since COVID hit and this week I've had my first issue with virtual backgrounds.  No different settings than what I am used to.  I'm pretty sure my MS Teams was just running off default settings. 


When I'm in a meeting, I can set the background to "blur" which works properly but I would rather use a virtual background.  However, when I do this now it works but there are some items in my room that also appear in the background - it's mixing the virtual and real backgrounds.  For example, my bed and a picture that is on my wall in the background is visible with the space or office setting virtual background.


I tried restarting Teams, uninstall and reinstall, closing and opening, signing out and in.  Is there any setting particular to this?  Or is this just a matter of this won't work for me anymore?  Is it the laptop getting older?  My colleagues still have working Teams backgrounds.


Thanks!! any help is appreciated.

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@dataguy915 It sounds like it could be the Green Screen option has been turned on. 


Go to Settings > Devices > Green Screen and see if that's toggled on. If it is, switch it off.