MS Teams - Unable to Screenshare for some users

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Good Morning,


I've been looking into some behaviors for MS Teams and I'm trying to identify if some of the known issues I've been seeing are causing other problems with MS Teams, specifically sharing screens while using the Chrome browser.  Here's what I know:


  • If the "New User Experience" isn't enabled for someone sharing their screen and for a meeting participant, the person sharing their screen won't be able to give remote control access.
  • If the GPU hardware acceleration is disabled, screensharing is not possible


When I open Google Chrome, go to, and open Teams on the Web, I notice that the GPU hardware acceleration option to be disabled is not there under settings nor is the "New User Experience".  Does this have an impact on when someone wants to share their screen or take remote control but are using Chrome?  Are these two issues related?


I found this article in regards to remote control through Teams:


In using this command: chrome://gpu/ on my computer, I have Software Only under GpuMemoryBuffers Status.  Does this also imply that they won't be able share their screen in Chrome?  I can't share my screen in Chrome but I can in the Teams App.


Any help into why screensharing through Chrome isn't working and insight to if it's a known issue or if it's a local issue and I'm missing a step somewhere would be appreciated.




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Works fine for me. I disabled GPU / hardware acceleration in Chrome and it still seemed to work. Do you just not have the option at all?

@Chris Webb 


No, the option for both new user experience and GPU hardware acceleration isn't there when opening Teams on the Web.




I'm talking about the share option. The gpu and new experience aren't supposed to show on the web.

Hang on, I just found it under appearance in Chrome settings.  Let me try it with it off and see what happens.


@Chris Webb No, the share option isn't in Teams for Web, it is in the desktop app.


If someone is sharing their screen and the other person is in the Web App, they are unable to be given control.




Well, I can't share in a chat but I can share in a meeting.  In the desktop app, I can share my screen in a either a chat or a meeting.  Not sure if not being able to share the screen in a chat on the web app is by design.

That is by design (or lack of support atm), chat's are a bit different and don't support screen sharing in chat, only meetings.
You can share from web in a chat call, just not from the chat window itself you have to place a call first.