MS Teams pin video option not working

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 The pin video option isn’t working for me since a few days back. What should I do?

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Hi, is the option completely missing, or just not working when you select it please?

The pin option is there..but after pinning a video it bounces back, either immediately or a minute later@PeterRising 



Hmm that's an odd one.  Does this happen on only one PC or any that you try?  Do you have another one you can try?  

I’ve only used teams on my iPad but I could try it on another device 

I’ll try that out then, thanks @PeterRising 



Cool, let me know how you get on? :smile:

Sure, thanks for the help@PeterRising 

Sure, thanks for the help@PeterRising 

@Nick2350  This is also not working for me on iPad mini 5 and Ipad 4.  Seems to be a bug - did you find a fix for this yet?






Yeah I found out from others facing the same issue that they were using an iPad....I haven’t found a fix for it however...@SteveDr178 

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I was listening to a Microsoft webcast and this was raised as a question.  Microsoft acknowledged that this is a known bug at the moment for which there is currently no fix.  The workaround for the time being is is simply to re-pin the video.

I see...I’ll just have to adjust then. Thanks a lot for the help!! =) @PeterRising 

The pin option is finally working again and it’s a relief :)@PeterRising 

@Nick2350 thanks for the update :)