MS Teams: Organizing Channels by Groups

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Is MS evaluating an option to organize Teams Channels by groups, the drag and drop & pinned still does not meet my need for organization?  Very similar to the ability to create folders in outlook, the option to organize better in a grouping manner would be awesome.

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I'm guessing you mean to ask for the ability to organize Teams in groupings. I agree this would be a great idea. For example, an organization may have five Teams related to the Marketing department, and it would be useful for users to be able to group those Teams in a "Marketing" group.

This is an existing UserVoice idea, so please vote for it if you agree.

@PhoenixMS thanks for the additional flavor --and you are absolutely correct - the need is there as this solution evolves more.

@PhoenixMS, note - the voting option NEVER sends out the link to vote, and that may perhaps why many have not responded, I tried voting via that link before submitting this post.
I have no issue getting the verification email. You may want to check your Spam folder or try a different email account.