MS Teams on new Surface Pro 8 not displaying camera preview image of me

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Hi all,


I purchased a Surface Pro 8 a few months ago, it's been great aside from this one issue that I can't resolve. During a MS Teams meeting (the Teams - about - reports this as the version: You've got the latest version. It was last updated on 22/11/2022) the other participants can see me OK, but the thumbnail view of me is black,the (front) camera light is illuminated. I can't see my own image in the bottom RHS. Front or rear.


It works fine in the browser, it works fine every where else, but no self preview in MS Teams.

I've reinstalled Teams, re-applied Surface Pro firmware, rebooted a dozen times, powered off. 


I'm using Microsoft hardware to run a Microsoft product, it should work no issue

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. It works fine on my much older Surface Pro 4

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@ArranCoote excactly the same here. Did you already find a solution? 

@ArranCoote it's happing to everyone on windows 11 and no one at microsoft is doing nothing about it. I've been without video on Teams since 2 weeks and it's a Teams bug for sure, because everything works just fine on other meeting apps, or as you said, on Teams web version.

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HI, checking to see the status of this.