MS Teams Logitech Tap like device for existing AV setup


Hi all, 


We have a few conference rooms that are already wired for AV (PTZ Camera, audio codec, ceiling Mics/Speakers, multiple 75" TV's, Crestron to control inputs/outputs) and ties back into our serveroom to a "AV small form factor Dell computer". The computer is just a domain joined Windows 10 box and the user experience for joining a meeting is terrible. We are currently still using SFB but will be transitioning to MS Teams here soon. 


I have looked at all of the MS Partner's solutions for Teams Rooms and they are great, but none of them allow us to adopt our existing AV setup which was pretty expensive gear. I was reaching out to see if anyone knew of a company/partner that made a "hub" like device that we could tie into our AV setup but present itself much like the Logitech Tap device, a tablet of sorts on the table where users can click to join meetings as they are reserved through 0365.


For the life of me I can't find something like this and am confused as to why MS would not make this feature readily available to the business consumer with existing hardware.


Any help is appreciated. 

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@ww_SFG All the Teams rooms are based on USB input/output devices so if your devices are the same you could potentially make something work. HP Slice might be an option but you'd need to test is all out yourself -