MS Teams invitation shows as plain text asking to join the meeting, instead of hyperlink

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When I schedule a meeting using MS Teams APP in Windows 10 PC, the resulting invitation is received as plain text, not even showing the link, only text words "Join the MS Teams Meeting" and "Help" (I use the Spanish version). See below the text....I am unable to see or click the hyperlink.  What may be causing this?  Meeting is scheduled for another date.


Unirse a reunión de Microsoft Teams

Más información sobre Teams | Opciones de la reunión ________________________________________________________________________________

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Hmm, try this

Is Outlook set to compose in HTML? Or just in plain text? It should be HTML

Let me know how you get on

Best, Chris

Outlook was composing in plain text. My following question is:
I am the organizer of the MS Teams invitation. Will everyone else that has the plain text option of Outlook have the same problem?
In this case, is the best solution to cancel the invitation and organizing a new one with "copy/paste" link in plain text the url address?
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The optimal solution is to have them receive in HTML however if they won’t and only accept in plain text then copy and paste the link into an invite, or get them to simply join straight through Teams via the join button in the calendar app rather than Outlook

Hope that answers your question

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@RicardoLB700 frankly the MS Teams invites are laughably bad.


A meeting invite should include as a minimum:







Somewhere, the MS Teams developers missed the memo and got this horribly, horribly wrong. Allowing customization to add your corporate logo to the invites doesn't help much if the date/time isn't in there.

@ijl20 I totally second this. The invite email must include date and time. 


@ijl20 actually teams meeting does include these from start

@tech_blog It does not, see the attachement. 


It's in Polish, but you get the idea. 





Have you ever seen the content of an email invite that MS Teams sends when you schedule a future meeting? Here is one copied from my inbox:


Microsoft Teams meeting
Join on your computer or mobile app
Click here to join the meeting
Join with a video conferencing device
Video Conference ID: 123 456 789 0
Please let me know the date/time of the meeting.
Actually I suspect MS Teams might add a proprietary attachment to the email that specifically the Outlook email or calendar client knows to look for. If so that obfuscation of the date/time of the meeting was either intentionally bad or incompetently bad.