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When accessing MS teams on my personal mobile via the app, to connect with work from quarantine, is it using my phones mobile data?  Or running via my WiFi connection?


I have to call in for a 1 hour meeting this afternoon and need to know if the phone may cut out?



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Hi @Sonatural61 


It totally depends on which the internet connectivity is available. In case you Mobile Phone is enabled to use your Mobile Data Microsoft Teams Application will use the Mobile Data. In case you enable the Mobile Phone to use your home Wi-Fi Microsoft Teams Application will also use the Home Wifi and connect to the Internet.


If you have a good Wi-fi connectivity at home switch off your mobile phone data and use the Wifi Network for the call. 


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Satish U 

Another related question, take an office of 15 people and one wifi router and the router is not connected to outside/any internet connection. so if work stations (15 people) connect to that router, can they use Microsoft Teams to communicate and carry out meetings from their stations? or is there an alternative application that can work in that manner?