MS Teams deployment issues

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Hello All,

I deploy msi applications via Kace (made by quest) It has been working fine until last month. In my deployment script, I use this command to run the executable ;

msiexec.exe /i teams_windows_x64.msi /s

I do not know what the problem is, 

I am using windows 10 pro 21H2 build # 19044.2006

I downloaded above machine-wide-installer version


I can see the "teams" app in "apps & features" window. However, when I sign in to windows, teams app won't automatically show up. Also when I search "team" in the start menu it is not there. 

any ideas? I thought about maybe a windows update made a change that affected team app.

thanks in advance. 


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When you say you see the "Teams" app in "Apps & features" do you mean "Teams Machine-Wide Installer", or "Microsoft Teams"?

Assuming you are seeing "Teams Machine-Wide Installer", can you confirm it is the version you downloaded? For some bizarre reason, the installer cannot upgrade previous versions of the machine-wide installer, so if you somehow had an older version installed, you would need to remove it before installing the new version.