MS Teams App Usuage Report : Teams Name / End user Name

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Iam in doing  MS Teams Apps Assessments in my test tenant.


Why i cannot see the Teams name / User name in MS Teams apps usage report? Is there any specific reason microsoft hide this information?

Any alternate method to get the information from MS Teams PowerShell / Graph API.

To get the teams name  end user names in Teams Apps Usage, what is needed from my end to make its appear / Any Desgign Chnage is needed in my tenant

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Hi @ramki1465,

it is a setting in your tenant. Microsoft enabled this in September 2021 for all tenants and you can disable it if you like and if it meets your org requirements.

Microsoft 365 reports show anonymous user names instead of actual user names 


There is also a beta GraphAPI endpoint to update this setting:

GraphAPI adminReportSettings resource type 




This is not a case. I canot see eeevn the user name as Anonymous. i mean user name coloumn i not available in MS Teams App Usuage Report.
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Sorry @ramki1465 , totally missed the information about app usage :see_no_evil_monkey:

I found the following post in the Techcommunity:

Can I use the App ID in the Teams Admin Apps Usage report to find what Team is using it? - Microsoft...


I don't know if the blog post is still working, but you can give it a try.

Thanks Thorsten. This is waht i expected. Apprciate your help