Move the participants list when someone is sharing their screen

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When someone is sharing their screen in a meeting, I have a participants list with large tiles below the shared screen. This makes the shared screen very small and due to the scaling very hard to read. Especially when someone is sharing something in HD and my screen is not.

I'm sure I was able to move the participants list to the side of the screen and even make it a floating window, but I can't do that anymore it seems?

See the screenshot. It's the three tiles with FW and MH in the bottom right corner.


How can I either suppress the participants list or move it somewhere else?



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@MaartenDeen  this is possible with the new meeting experience turn on as it gives you another option called Focus which the focus is on the slides shared.


give it a try using the new meeting experience option turn on...

@PDostiyar @ThereseSolimeno That does not fix the problem, in fact, it makes it worse. I made a screenshot again, it does not fix the problem because the attendee list is still fixed at the bottom, and it makes it worse because the meeting control list (Request Control, Leave, etc) is now fixed at the top (where it was floating before) giving even less room for the screen that is being shared.

So the viewport is even smaller now.

This "new meeting experience" does not fix anything and it is worse than the "old".


What we need is the possibility to undock the attendee list and what we also need is a zoom function so that you can see the screen that is being shared at 100% or any zoom the user wants.

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@MaartenDeenI totally agree with you on the new experience moving the toolbar/controls to the top but if you have turned on the new experience mode and have a check on the focus mode... it does remove anything from the bottom and only focuses on the contents.


for more I have attached the screenshots before and after the focus mode,after-focus.jpgbefore-focus.jpg you can check the images and provide your feedback.

@PDostiyar Ok, that makes it marginally better than the original situation. Originally the viewport was about 585 pixels high, now it is 625 pixels. So it is a small improvment. But still viewing someone's 1920x1080 screen is mostly illegible. Where is the zoom function. Not everyone as a bigger screen than to other person.

And I still have this control list fixed on top, how do I get that back to floating?

Why did they hide these settings so much? What's wrong with a simple context menu when you right-click the mouse. That's intuitive and easy to find. UI design seems to be so overrated these days.


All in all it is still not a very good experience. Previously we were using webex in our company and that worked much better.

@MaartenDeen  well, since Microsoft Teams is new it has been only in the market for 3 years and has got great and many features added either by the product team, Microsoft engineer, a suggestion from MVP, and speakers, and great users using the UserVoice.


I am sure the features you are looking for some of them might be added to the road map and most will be in the Uservoice section


if you know or need something to be added you can also put a Uservoice for it.


Here is a Uservoice I posted if you like you can vote for it.

@PDostiyar There does not seem to be much progress with that. There has been a suggestion for a zoom function for 3,5 years. I mean, this is something so basic and it still hasn't been made?

Looks like Microsoft is doing the Google. Everything is beta and unfinished until it the plug is pulled.

It is more that people get tired with suggesting things that should be in there at release than that they don't complain because it is such a Great App (which it just isn't, and 3 years development suggest it was really crap when it was released).

@MaartenDeenas we all know each company has its own goal and priority it corrects that they hear Uservoices but mostly they priorities things, sometimes an option would be easy and simple in one product but may have other dependencies with other products so it might not be that simple to turn it on or off, but I can truly understand and respect your view there....