Missing Full Screen from Microsoft Teams

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After a recent update, the "full-screen" option is missing from "Teams". Microsoft has included a "Focus" option which is not same as "full-screen".


@microsoft - "Focus" is not same as "full-screen". Why would you remove it? Software updates are supposed to make the experience better, not worse, no? Please bring the option for full-screen back. I am being forced to use ZOOM or Skype

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I just realized that @microsft is not MICROSOFT. Why would you allow someone to choose "microsoft" as a user name, MICROSOFT?

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Try unchecking the option to "Turn on new meeting experience" in Settings->General->Application




@lowbar great answer but I wish Microsoft didn't make these two features mutually exclusive.  IE having separate meeting windows from the main Teams system should not preclude you from having said meetings full screen...

@Seab375 Fully agree. 


While I know MS couldn't wait forever to roll out Teams as the Skype for Business replacement, it was definitely MVP (minimum-viable... i.e. half baked) when it rolled out.  I have been impressed with the pace of updates, but some updates (like this one) are taking a frustratingly long time.  You can enter "focus mode" and "zoom out" the UI to get a full-screen-like experience, but it's a poor substitute.  


Pop-out chat (imo) should have been part of the initial release, but it wasn't... and the currently handling of pop-out chat is extremely poor compared to Skype.  I miss dozens of chats every day because I'm still in the mindset of looking for the flashing taskbar icon with a person's name on it.  Instead, I get one Teams window with a person's name on it that isn't even the person who has pinged me.  So instead I have to "pull" notifications (by going to my feed and checking every 15 minutes) instead of getting "push" notifications (flashing icons on the taskbar).  HUGE step backwards.  


They have a long way to go, and hopefully the updates will keep coming at a quick pace.  

This is clearly resultant from MS developers never actually having used this in their real job. 


Not everyone is lucky enough to have a massive monitor to benefit from Focused mode alone, some of us are forced into the 12 inch laptop world, especially when considering current global working environments. 


This is a complete oversight by then Microsoft Teams development team. 

Right!  Please make the full-screen back. 

The picture is toooooo small. I have to put my face on the screen to see what are they sharing.   @harsh9 


I agree with you. 

Full screen is the correct solution.



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Disabling the new meeting experience was a good solution but since the latest update that option has been removed and there's still/again no full screen option.

@SoftPer I just started using MS Teams at my new work place and this mode of full screen is agonizing! Why do we have to lose screen resolution? Don't the developers who develop this product use it to share and review each other's work? I really hope Microsoft can bring back the **REAL** full screen mode.


Does anyone know if something like this is in backlog and we can upvote?

@lowbar This no longer works. Microsoft made sure to remove this essential, critical, game-defining feature completely now. (Interestingly, there's a new insultingly-misnamed option "Full Screen" in another update that simply lies about its functionality. It does not indeed make the content full-screen, and the content is not pixel-to-pixel, resulting in substantial wasted space, blur, etc). Zooming in is also not an option; content cannot be shared on a projector or unattended. It also requires frantically moving the mouse all over to get all parts of the screen, see the scroll bars and full charts, etc. 




please add real full screen this way not really good at all
Real fuul screen still lacking.... Even the workaround is not working anymore. Having a bar on top is not full screen.
This workaround is not working anymore.
I agree - first of all, I have to select the full screen and focus on content everytime - why can't we set those as defaults? We never use video and are almost always sharing screen so I want those as defaults. Secondly, even after these two operations, there is still a bar left at top which reduces the resolution for the people watching the screen! Can't believe, this is still yet to be fixed.