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For some reason when I click on the chat to read it, it zooms into the app for no reason. It zooms into a certain part of the meeting and I can never get out! I eventually have to leave the meeting which causes confusion and loses me time in class. If someone could figure out what's happening that would great.

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I'm having the same issue of the screen zooming in, but not when I'm reading the chat. It happens when I try to add a background effect. Because the screen zooms in, and not just the camera, the apply button doesn't show at the bottom of the possible backgrounds because it gets cut off the screen. I try to zoom out with the Command (Macbook) and the + and - keys, but it won't zoom out any further to make the button appear. It will zoom in further, but that doesn't really help me.

If anyone has any input to help correct, I would appreciate it.