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I have a problem with a single Windows 10 device where Teams user status is shown "Status unknown". It shows the user and other users status unknown. For other users that user is shown Offline in Teams. This behavior is seen in Teams desktop client and web version also. This isn't user profile related problem since I've tried other profiles and accounts with the device and still the issue persist.


So far I have:


  • Uninstalled and reinstalled Teams
  • Updated Windows (current version Build 19042)
  • Reinstalled Office apps
  • Updated computer BIOS
  • Fully resetted the device


After the device reset Teams status worked correctly for few hours but after that the issue came back.


Any suggestions?

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Hi @AleksiBe, it sounds strange. Do you have the option to login the user on the Teams Mobile App? Is it a fresh enabled user for Microsoft Teams? Is the issue new or did it never work? For me it sounds like there is an issue with the Teams user object itself.

@Thorsten Pickhan


The issue is concerning every Office 365 account we have signed into Teams with this particular device. Using my own laptop for example the issue doesn't exist.


As I mentioned before this had worked in the past. The problem started last friday and was "fixed" for a moment after a reset for the device.

@AleksiBe Got it. So, something with the device is happening which let Microsoft Teams not working correctly anymore.

If the device is working as expected after a full device reset, you should investigate what happens afterwards. Are there any software packages deployed to the system via a software management tool. Any antivirus tool, firewall software, VPN software or driver updates? Please check which software is installed in the period where the Teams client works till it isn't working anymore.


It sounds like the logon process is stocking in some phase and couldn't be completed.


Please do a connectivity check to Teams. You can use the Skype for Business Network Assessment tool for this check: Download Skype for Business Network Assessment Tool from Official Microsoft Download Center

A brief usage description you can find here: Network Assessment Tool for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams-Sharing Knowledge | Erwin Bierens...

Skip the described modification about Relay IP and number of tests. Just do the connectivity check and network performance check. The result will show you if the network connection from this specific PC is ok or not.

Hi, really odd. Have you updated the TPM on this device?

@AleksiBe, you can also try out a public preview of the new connectivity analyser for Office 365 services:

Microsoft 365 network connectivity test tool (preview) - Microsoft 365 Enterprise | Microsoft Docs

My understanding of the tool: you login into your M365 Admin centre and initiate a connectivity test. You must download a connectivity package which runs from your device and upload the connectivity data to the M365 Admin Center. Here you can analyse the results.

@Thorsten Pickhan 


The problem is actually related to network somehow. We tested this device connecting to mobile hot spot and Teams status showed correctly. The confusion is that this same network doesn't seem to prevent other devices from connecting to Teams normally. So this might be something driver related I suppose?

Hi @AleksiBe, yes, that the network is causal is very likely. If you switch the network, software, policies and operating system are still the same, only the physical connection to the network changes.

Is the system wired to the LAN when you have this issues? Is it possible to plugin the network cable from another station to make some cross checks?

@Thorsten Pickhan


This actually got resolved on the user side. They updated the routers firmware.

Thanks @AleksiBe, four your feedback. 

I found an easy method to resolve the above issue. No need re installation or do many things in power shell.
1. Sign out from Team (Only Team application)
2. Inform Admin to remove the Team license from portal.
3. After save, wait for some time and assign the same license again.
4. Login in the use system.
The status show Green or what you want to set.
Note: Before do the all above, please check the web team version also. if all behave the same the above solution will work. I try for two of my uses.

@amajeed If upgraded to Windows 11 I just worked out that you log out of the account and then log back in and then the status for all users on your account will update accordingly. This is only for users that upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11