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Dear support

Is there a possibility to get a pop-up everytime my colleagues or i post or reply to something within a team (figure 1) in Microsoft teams?

There is just a small indicator next to "activity" bell (figure 2), but its easy to miss an important thread when no notification will pop-up.

I can turn up and down (or mute) these notifications in Chat which is very convenient, but i haven´t figure it out for team groups.

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Under the Teams Notification options under settings, you may only currently select the Banner and Feed options as shown below I'm afraid.


Screenshot 2021-03-29 at 23.04.52.png

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@matuskone This has to be done on a channel level for each team. This is so that users do not have to be bothered by more notifications than they want to receive. I remind all of my team members that they must set their channel notifications for any channel they wish to have a notification in if someone does not use @mention for the channel or team or individual. 

For each channel you wish to be notified in, you must:
1. Click on the ellipsis ( . . . ) for that channel

2. Select Channel notifications

3. Select All activity


Once you do this, you will receive a notification for any and all activity that occurs in that channel whether you are mentioned or not. 


If you want to, you can also adjust the settings in your Teams client under Notifications for Missed activity emails and even select how often you would like to be emailed if you don't see the notification in Teams. 


One of these should meet your need.


:) Karen



Hi Karen

Thank you very much for your reply, it worked like a charm :)

Thanks for your answer. I followed your advice, and now I get a banner and notification on the bell (figure 2). 

I do not get a notification (red dot /red @ --> like figure 1)) on the Teams if someone just posts something in a Team channel without mentioning using @.

The notification in the Feed (like figure 2) works well enough I would say, however, if there is a way to get a notification on the Team (like figure 1) this would be better.

@Jan_Hunsaenger I'm afraid that is based on how Microsoft decides to display the notifications. My memory is imperfect with all of the many changes that have happened with Teams over the years. I think we used to get both notifications in the past. No doubt people said that was too confusing and they now changed it and it depends on if there is an @mention and if it is to a team or channel or to a person or tag. I am not aware of a way to affect those methods of notification.
Thank you @Karen_D17! :)