Microsoft Teams / Salesforce Integration...possible with Platform license?

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Hello, I'm trying to integrate Teams and Salesforce. I've tested the integration successfully with users who have a full Salesforce license. However, the majority of our users have Salesforce Platform licenses rather than Salesforce licenses. Is it possible to enable Teams integration with SF for these users?




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Hello @TerranIncognito , The integration between Microsoft Teams and Salesforce is primarily designed to work with users who have full Salesforce licenses. However, there are some limitations and considerations when it comes to users with Salesforce Platform licenses. Here's what you need to know:

  1. Salesforce Platform licenses: These licenses are more limited compared to full Salesforce licenses. They are typically used for users who require access to specific custom applications and data within Salesforce but do not need the full suite of Salesforce features.

  2. Integration capabilities: The extent of integration between Teams and Salesforce may be limited for users with Salesforce Platform licenses. While the specific features and capabilities can vary depending on the integration solution you're using, it's important to check the documentation or consult with the integration provider to determine if the integration fully supports Salesforce Platform licenses.

  3. User access: Salesforce Platform licenses may have certain restrictions when it comes to accessing external applications or integrations. These limitations can affect the ability of users with Platform licenses to fully utilize the Teams integration with Salesforce.

  4. Customizations and functionality: If your Salesforce instance has customizations or specific functionality that is only available with full Salesforce licenses, it's possible that these features may not be fully supported or accessible for users with Platform licenses in the context of the Teams integration. Again, it's recommended to review the integration documentation or consult with the integration provider to understand the limitations.

In conclusion, while it's possible to enable Teams integration with Salesforce for users with Salesforce Platform licenses, there may be limitations in terms of functionality and access compared to users with full Salesforce licenses. It's advisable to review the documentation or consult with the integration provider to ensure compatibility and understand any limitations specific to your integration setup.



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Thank you for the thorough response! I managed to get a reasonable level of integration by just adding the “web” app into my channel and pointing it at the Salesforce object/page I wanted. This allows platform users to access the SF content in Teams—even though they don’t get the full immersion of the SF/Teams integration offered by the full license.
Hi, is it possible to tell me how you got the "web" app please. this would be a great help for me.
Thank you in advance.