Microsoft Teams Room for Android - Improvement suggestions

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Hi, there are many OEM partners which is focusing on Teams Room for Android over Teams Room for Windows. There are several benefits but it lacks in some areas compared to Windows based rooms.


Is there any plans on closing in on the gaps? Many thinking about two features.


The possibility to include audio while content sharing using HDMI
Custom branding. Add your own wallpaper.
Audio-sharing over HDMI is not a hardware limitation as it works with Zoom rooms using the same hardware. Should therefor be a easy implementation ? :D

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With the Teams client on an Android device, I simply press the Join button to join my meeting. I can then press the People icon in the top right and I have a few options now. If I select Add a room (it is using the icon as the front of the room screen), it will then show me the available rooms and even nearby rooms.
Rachel Gomez
@rachelgomez161999 Yeah it´s simple to case from Teams on a computer or mobile to the Teams Room.

The problem and the use case for using the HDMI-kabel is when you are presenting videos. For example for showing a marketing video before launch. Then sharing the video using cast or within a teams meeting is really laggy.
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