Microsoft Teams: Revised Timeline for Wiki Page Retiring in January 2024


April 20, 2023 UPDATE: The dates have changed:

No Microsoft Support: June 2023

Official Retiring Date: January 2024



February 23, 2023 UPDATE:

In January, Microsoft reported that OneNote would replace the Wiki Page in April 2023, and users must export Wiki Pages to OneNote starting in Mid-February. So, I anxiously awaited to see the banner in Wiki Pages so I could begin exporting to OneNote.  It was a no-show and for a good reason. 


On February 23, Microsoft shared that they listened to their concerned users. I suspect some companies may have many Wikis Pages in Teams to convert and would not meet the April 2023 deadline. As a result, Microsoft has pushed back the Wiki Page retirement date to allow users more time. (Much appreciated.) They also responded to the users' questions.

In this video, I summarized the timelines and Q/A.


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Microsoft has revised the Wiki Page's retiring date based on users' feedback. Microsoft also responded to the users' questions. And it's covered in this video. 0:00 Introduction 0:40 Microsoft Reason for Retiring the Wiki Page 1:02 Phase I Retiring Update 1:54 Phase II Retiring Update 2:12 Phase ...
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