Microsoft Teams Notification Sounds - Can't turn off???

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I work at a rather large organization and we just switched to using Microsoft Teams. So far it has been great but what is driving me nuts is the Notification for new messages. I can't find it anywhere to turn this annoying sound off.  When you have several coworkers all messaging you, I can't even wear headphones anymore it's gotten so bad.

And you can't even turn it off? My options are, "Call, Mention, and Chat" , "All", "Off"

How is these not separated? I would like it to be able to ring for calls but I don't need a BEEP every time someone messages me since I already get a banner and a flashing name. 

Please let me know if I am missing a setting somewhere. 




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@DVipe Same- we would love these to be further separated so we can hear new calls/meetings coming through but no "ding" for every chat and @mention. Would be so nice to find an option for this!

@Katrin Weixel I concur. Especially with the new home working initiatives, the incessant beeping forced me to switch notification sounds off, but I then missed a couple of calls and was late for a meeting.


We need full granularity of notification sounds please MS.



CONCUR!! The cacophony is KILLING ME.

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@EricaMG this too was driving me nuts, I went into notifications and changed 'chat messages' from 'banner' to off.

This resolved my issue, I don't need to see every time there is a chat message, but if I'm mentioned or called it still alerts me.

I would prefer to keep the banner notification and simply eliminate the sound.



I think this could be a very easy fix on the Microsoft side. 

Instead of having a drop list of only a fixed set of options, just give us the option of check boxes to select which notifications we want On/Off. It's that simple!


It seems rather silly to have the options of ALL notifications or NO notifications be your only options. 
I want to be able to hear the call notification, which is the ringer.. but not hear a notification for every message that comes through. 

This is especially annoying when you are in a meeting or doing something else and Teams will deafen the call I am on to play me a message notification. It doesn't make sense.

I do agree. Microsoft Team developers @ThereseSolimeno please make it possible: No sound, except when being called.

@KVB1850RMnI can not upvote this thread enough! It's immensely irritating that the only option for sound is ON/OFF. Those chat beeps make my eye twitch!! And yet missing calls because I wasn't looking at my screen at the time someone called me is also annoying. (because for sanity I have toggled the sound off.) There's no way in the world these two things should be tied together. Microsoft please for the love of all that is good, fix this in a very near future update.

@DVipe Step by Step video on how to turn off sound for notification in Microsoft Teams.

Thanks. That's great but it also stops calls ringing. We'd like the "ping" for each individual message stopping, but so the calls still ring when someone calls.

@Deleted I'm afraid that's not a solution to the problem we're trying to solve. What's being asked for is the ability to switch off just the notification sound for the message/thread/mention popups, but still have the call notification ringer. The problem is that we currently have either no sounds, and miss incoming calls, or have sounds and get ear-spammed by every mention or conversation update.

I just found this post. The problem remains unresolved, it seems. I only just stumbled onto this because I turned off "Sound for Notifications: in my settings and for weeks now have been wondering why phone calls aren't ringing.

Please, Microsoft, you seem to literally make changes and tweaks to Teams every other day, can you please prioritize this?? Thanks

Its still an issue in 2021. The noise is driving me nuts. I don't need to hear a chime every time someone reacts to something. I still want a chime if I'm mentioned or a new chat but every single time anyone likes/reacts is driving me nuts.

@Jenwork Yup, funny: I was just in the settings a few minutes ago to check on it. You can customize "pinned channels" but you can customize "IM/chat messages vs. other stuff". Frustrating!

Really, at a time when videoconferencing is becoming so critical, I can't understand why MS have not made some of these simple fixes. The sound of notifications is maddening. And I have tried turning *everything* off (affecting in theory even incoming calls) and the notifications STILL KEEP BEEPING. 

I can't agree more to this ;


Please simply add a check box selector for notification sounds 

We're coming up on the one year anniversary of this problem being reported by customers and NOTHING has been done by Microsoft to address it. I have no idea why our company switched over to using Teams, but I do not believe that this was done with the end-users' best interests in mind. We need to use products that are maintained by companies that work hard to keep their customers happy.

@DVipe Highlight a specific chat, then clicks three dots, then Mute.

I too noticed that the alert notification sounds were bothersome.

I'm able to bring up a window that allows access to Activity, Chat,Teams, Calls, etc ...
In the Chat window under Recent I can right click on the active Chat session and have an option to mute the Chat.

What sound does this play? Is it the default ding.wav file? If that is the case we can replace this sound file with a wav file that makes no sound.  Microsoft - can you please tell us what default sound file is being used?
Is there a registry setting to change what sound it uses? Personally, I have the NO SOUNDS Theme loaded on my sound control panel as I don't like sounds for every little action. I only like to have sounds for specific apps that I need. So if it uses ding.wav, I am ok replacing that with a soundless wav file.