Microsoft Teams Notification Sounds - Can't turn off???

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I work at a rather large organization and we just switched to using Microsoft Teams. So far it has been great but what is driving me nuts is the Notification for new messages. I can't find it anywhere to turn this annoying sound off.  When you have several coworkers all messaging you, I can't even wear headphones anymore it's gotten so bad.

And you can't even turn it off? My options are, "Call, Mention, and Chat" , "All", "Off"

How is these not separated? I would like it to be able to ring for calls but I don't need a BEEP every time someone messages me since I already get a banner and a flashing name. 

Please let me know if I am missing a setting somewhere. 




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@DVipe Same- we would love these to be further separated so we can hear new calls/meetings coming through but no "ding" for every chat and @mention. Would be so nice to find an option for this!


@Katrin Weixel I concur. Especially with the new home working initiatives, the incessant beeping forced me to switch notification sounds off, but I then missed a couple of calls and was late for a meeting.


We need full granularity of notification sounds please MS.




CONCUR!! The cacophony is KILLING ME.

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@EricaMG this too was driving me nuts, I went into notifications and changed 'chat messages' from 'banner' to off.

This resolved my issue, I don't need to see every time there is a chat message, but if I'm mentioned or called it still alerts me.

I would prefer to keep the banner notification and simply eliminate the sound.




I think this could be a very easy fix on the Microsoft side. 

Instead of having a drop list of only a fixed set of options, just give us the option of check boxes to select which notifications we want On/Off. It's that simple!


It seems rather silly to have the options of ALL notifications or NO notifications be your only options. 
I want to be able to hear the call notification, which is the ringer.. but not hear a notification for every message that comes through. 

This is especially annoying when you are in a meeting or doing something else and Teams will deafen the call I am on to play me a message notification. It doesn't make sense.


I do agree. Microsoft Team developers @ThereseSolimeno please make it possible: No sound, except when being called.