Microsoft teams not working with OBS virtual camera 23/2/2021

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Recently I downloaded OBS to enable me to switch between multiple camera angles, and I have managed to get all of the inputs set up. Everything works fine with other programs such as zoom, google meet and skype but not teams. 


I can set the camera input to obs virtual cam, and on the preview screen everything is fine, but the other people in the meeting cannot see anything and it looks like my camera is off. Is there a solution to this problem?


(I am running up to date software on a new 2020 Macbook Pro, with the latest versions of MacOS, Teams and OBS)

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To my knowledge, Microsoft announced last year that present versions of the Microsoft Teams application do not support virtual cameras.  Their proposed solution is to access MS Teams via the Google Chrome browser, not through the Teams application.


I work with a couple of virtual camera software apps, accessing Teams via the internet browser, and it works just fine.






@Curuno01 You might have solved already. What I did was with OBS running, uninstall Teams and then re-install Teams. Worked perfectly