Microsoft Teams Launches Chat with Self Feature



Microsoft Teams users can use the chat with self feature to create a special chat designed to take notes and capture other information someone might want. It’s similar to features that exist in other messaging platforms, so it’s likely that the Teams chat with self capability will be well-accepted by users, especially those with secrets to share with themselves.

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Great info - thank for posting.

I saw this feature show up in my desktop version of Teams on Friday (7/1), but when I logged in this morning, it seems to be missing. Any insight on what might be going on here?@Tony Redmond 

No idea. Try downloading any available updates. The issue is that functionality is controlled through a mixture of client and server bits. You might have the necessary bits on your PC, but if the server you connect to (and there are tens of thousands involved) says no, you don't see a feature. Patience is a virtue.

Thanks for the insight @Tony Redmond, I did try forcing an update, and that didn't seem to work, but I'll keep my eye on this to see if it shows up again at some point! :)

@melissarobinson Same thing happened to me. I was able to find it again by logging into Teams through my browser, the self chat was pinned (and sent self a message/talked to myself a bit). Now it is in the app on my PC as well. Hope this helps!

@AimBrown14 I see that the feature is back today, not sure why it disappeared and then came back, but happy I have it. As a previous user of Slack, I've been waiting on this feature to come out in Teams for awhile now! Happy it's working for you now as well.

I saw this feature on July 8th, but today (July 9th) it's missing. I can no longer force chat with myself (tried on 2 teams clients and in webbroser). Apparently I have to wait for it to come back, or can an admin somehow force this? But nice to see I'm not the only one with this behavior ;)

Would be good if this worked. I have Teams on Win 10 & 11 machines. On both I can enter my name, I get the 'Chat with Self' page which then immediately disappears and drops back to the last chat I had open! Oddly, my phone app now has 'Chat with Self' entry. Just a pity it doesn't work where its meant to!

Anyone know if there's a fix plse?
Hi there! Though others may enjoy this feature, I really don't. How do I get rid of it in Teams? I've tried unpinning the conversation, but it keeps popping back up to the top of my chats. Even if I can't completely delete it, how do I permanently hide it? Thanks!

@paigemusic23 I agree, I also am not a fan of having my name pinned to the top of my chat list.  It just clutters things up and I don't use it for any kind of note taking.  But, I can't for the life of me figure out how to UNPIN it.  There is no option that I can see.  Anyone know how to get rid of this feature or unpin yourself in chat?

Same version but some can't see this feature and some can.

@Tony Redmond 

@superray72  I managed to get it working by using, using the Teams Web app and it allowed me to create & pin. The pinned entry then appeared in Teams proper & on my phone. 

Microsoft is obviously having some issues rolling the feature out. On July 20, they said:

When this will happen:

We will begin rolling out mid June and expect to complete by late September (previously late June).

How do we disable this useless feature?
I don't believe that you can. Just ignore it.
The Ignorant are blessed!
Quite. While we're all struggling with our personal sense of ignorance, I have asked the Teams developers if there's a way to disable Chat with Self on a user or tenant-wide basis.
One suggestion is that users simply unpin the Chat with Self entry from the Chats list if they don't want to use it. I realize that this is not a tenant-wide control to stop people even seeing Chat with Self, but it's a good way to suppress Chat with Self if you don't want to use it.