Microsoft Teams does not write credentials in Credential Manager

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Hi All,


We have a Microsoft Teams machine wide deployment in our CItrix non persistent environment.

I have configured the profile management to collect Teams related data - %Appdata%.

However, whe users connect to the desktop, Teams starts automatically having only the username remembered and asking for password. Teams is supposed to be writing the credentials data into Windows Crdentials Manager, but it is not doing it. 

We want users, when they connect to the desktop, to just confirm the credentials and then logon rather than typing again the password or utilizing SSO (SSO is done via ADFS which we dont do).

Credential manager works in general as I tested with couple of websites etc.

Has someone had a similar issue?





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hello,  yes we have the same problem. using UPM as profile solution. other office 365 apps dont have this issue. only teams keeps asking for the login. did you find a solution ?@viktorfilipov 

@Vazques29  I have not. It seems that o365 with ADFS or Azure AD connect SSO is the way to go.



@Vazques29 Also using UPM here and have the same issue. I'm using Credential Roaming Services also for certificate roaming and using the 'roaming cached credentials' option has no effect either.

@viktorfilipov I'm having the same problem.  Teams constantly asks for a password each time a user signs into RDS, whether it's the same host they were previously logged into, or a new host.  We're using Server 2019 with UPD.  Teams was installed via the machine wide installer: msiexec /i C:\Temp\Teams_windows_x64.msi /l*v C:\Temp\Teamsinstall.log ALLUSER=1 ALLUSERS=1


I've heard (not tested), that Teams plays nicer without using the machine-wide installer (eg. the user installs Teams own their own).

Just wondering if you got any further on this?