Microsoft Teams Conference ID's and Conference Lines

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Company I'm with doesn't use Teams for voice so no direct routing but we are starting to hand out audio conferencing licenses to some people.

  • How many conference ID's can one number support?
  • How many conf calls can one number support? 

Also according to this page, "The number of phone numbers is equal to the total number of Phone System and Audio Conferencing licenses and uses the following: If there are 1-25 licenses then 5 telephone numbers are given."  

Right now we only have one number and a handfull of audio licenses. Does this means that we'll automatically get more phone numbers when I add enough audio licenses? 


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@PR_Mamito Audio Conferencing works independently of calling.


A user that is assigned a license that include Audio Conferencing can organise as many meetings as they like, each will have a unique conference ID for that one call. There aren't really any limits, but it's pretty impractical to share an account if that's your train of thought.


Audio conferencing allows you to register a phone number in addition to the existing Microsoft numbers all round the world. Often there's no benefit in doing this, however sometimes you may prefer to get a dial-in number in the same area code as your company, or you might have an existing preferred conference dial in number that you want to port.

Yup. The five numbers is the custom numbers you can request as Steven says per 25
Thanks for the quick reply and the info.