Microsoft Teams Chat Pasted Screenshot Image Disappears

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When pasting a copied screen shot from the Snipping Tool into the chat, sometimes my images appear like this (See below image). It will show the preview for a split second in the chat window and then turn to this thumbnail... Once you click on the small image icon the image shows full-size but the thumbnail preview in the chat is not visible. This only happens every so often and can be fixed sometimes by restarting Teams to get the preview to show in the chat window. Is there anything I can do to fix this besides restarting? Does the person on the receiving end see it correctly or with the small image icon? 

Not sure what the fix here could be or if I'm doing something wrong. Not a huge issue but frustrating nonetheless. 



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Hello @ZachF10   Please take a look at the Best Response in this prior post and see if it solves your issue: image not visible in chat - Microsoft Tech Community

Same problem, no solution is permanent that I can find, including the other discussions linked

A user in my company has reported the same issue just yesterday. Screen shots were copy/pasted from the snipping tool into the Teams environment and were showing fine all of that day. When the user logged in the next day, all of the images were replaced with broken link placeholders, and no other users can see them either. In fact, other users reported to have never seen the images. Her machine is fully up to date using the latest version of Teams.

This issue has recurred for one of our users yesterday, using the latest version of the Teams Desktop app. Images inserted using the snipping tool were visible to the user, but not to others, and also those pasted images disappeared for the inserting user after they restarted their machine. 


I've been experiencing this issue for the past 15 months. I opened a help desk ticket within our org, but our internal IT couldn't determine the root cause and ultimately, was told to "restart Teams". Sometimes that works, but the issue 100% of the time resurfaces both on images I try to copy/paste and images my colleagues paste also disappear.  I had hoped "The New Teams" would not have this same issue, and initially it appeared to be resolved, however, I am still experiencing this more and more. It certainly is one of the most frustrating issues I've had with Teams.+