Microsoft Teams and Citrix Workspace

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I work from home and login to my work via Citrix Workspace. Up until last week I had no problem using Microsoft Teams on my laptop while also using Citrix Workspace. However Microsoft Teams will not load if I am using Citrix Workspace, but will load if I am not using Citrix Workspace. As I have to use Citrix Workspace in order to work from home it's frustrating that I can no longer use Microsoft Teams for (work) team meetings.


I have tried removing everything from %appdata%\Microsoft\teams and while that does let Teams load, it will still crash after around 10-15 minutes and kick me out.  Have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling teams which didn't make any difference.


Any suggestions as this has all been working fine on my laptop for over 2 years and I haven't updated anything.


Is there a known compatibility issue between Microsoft Teams and Citrix Workspace? I'm using Windows 8.1.


I know I can use the web version but it's not as good as the app.



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@Therese_Solimeno I'm using Teams outwith Citrix (i.e. not in my work environment) but alongside Citrix, so need to have both open at the same time. Currently the only "fix" that seems to have worked is to run Teams in Windows 7 compatability mode!