Microsoft Increases Teams Membership to 10,000 Users



Microsoft announced that Teams now supports a maximum of 10,000 users in the membership of an individual team. The new limit is rolling out to Office 365 tenants in April and should be available worldwide in May. The need for increased membership is likely driven by large enterprise deployments of Teams who find the previous 5,000 limit just too small for their discussions.

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@Tony Redmond Does this mean that over and above the 1000 people in the meeting that can chat and interact, there is an additional 10000 that can join on a view only basis so the total in the meeting would be 11000?

You're talking about a team meeting? If so, yes. Once you pass the limit of interactive users, Teams automatically accommodates view-only users.
So does that take the total to 11,000 (1000 interactive users and 10,000 viewing users)