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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Microphone not working in Microsoft Teams (free)

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Since a few days ago, when I join a Microsoft Teams meeting / call, the other attendees cannot hear me even though I'm not on mute.  I have tried logging off and on again, and also uninstalling and reinstalling the app - but these do not work.  I have checked that this is only a problem with Teams - my laptop microphone is working fine on other apps.  I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 7.  


It is not an issue with my Microsoft Team account settings it seems, as it works fine on my Macbook.

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Please check in windows settings = gear and there in the privacy settings turn on microphone access for teams application, or Office 365, if it does not help write , thank you
Hello thanks for your message. Microphone access is already on for Teams in those settings
Please check teams settings in detail in your user profile settings and settings I have no other ideas.
I still remembered that the same consent you have to accept for your browser or the default for you is EDGE? and if you are using a VPN, turn it off in this connection. I'm curious about your answer!

@AndrzejX Nothing has worked, thank you for your advice though.


I have also created a new user account on the same computer - and downloaded Teams onto that profile - and the problem still occurs. 


So it seems to be an issue with the computer's built-in microphone not working with Teams (yet the computer's microphone works on other apps when I test it).


To confirm this deduction, I have tried plugging in an external microphone and it works fine with Teams.


Any thoughts what to try next?

Hi, you found a solution if the external microphone works with Teams it means that the internal microphone somehow has blocked access to online sessions, but I have no idea! And the easiest way not to look anymore and use an external microphone! Good luck Andrew