Meetings disappear from calendar

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Hello! When I schedule meetings in Teams, they first appear in my calendar, but literally after a minute, if I change the calendar window, they disappear, although the people I invite to the meeting show up in their calendar and we can even connect to it. but i cant make changes. This is a big problem because I am planning meetings for our institute. Reinstalling the program did not help. The problem is in the browser and the desktop program. The problem is over 6 months now.

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@Kirill_Pronin Hello, this sounds very odd and I pretty sure that it's not your Teams client that's the problem but rather the underlying infrastructure. How does your environment look like? Hybrid? Does this only happen to you? Internally? Externally? You say 6 months and you still haven't opened up a support ticket with the official Microsoft support?


@bec064 Sorry, but i dont know what is the underlying infrastructure. Yes, 6 mounth with this problem. I have started discussion with MS support, but i have not got enough time, it was very hard week on my work, and they closed it. Can't find how to write them again, looks's like something has changed on russian website. Other people im my organisation don't have the same problem.


@Kirill_Pronin Hello, I understand. Try reopening that support ticket with Microsoft (someone in your org. should be able to assist with that) as you shouldn't be having these issues. Hope it gets sorted!


@bec064 I have already tried to reopen ticket. I recieved a e-mail with link to empty page. It is suach a bad UI on russian website. Today I wrote to a support chat of MS, and they gave me a link for this forum. Local support don't what to do with my problem, they sad to write to MS support. Thaks for your care!


@Kirill_Pronin OK, it sounds really odd that others in your org. doesn't have this problem but yet you experience it both in the desktop app and Teams online as well.


This has probably already been done, but for what it's worth you could try to go to using a InPrivate / Incognito window (no cache issues) and see if the behavior is the same. Try using different web browsers as well.


For the desktop app you can "reset" it by typing %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams via Start (bottom left corner) and then delete all the content in that folder.


You can also try and remove the Teams desktop app (uninstall) and reinstall it to see if that makes any difference


Other than that I cannot assist with. Good luck!