Meeting Recording not showing up, even though Transcript was immediately available.

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After stopping recording of a meeting, the recording is not showing up. The transcript showed up immmediately. The usual message that is seen that says "Recording has stopped. Saving the recording..." also didnt show up. But there is the "Recording has started" message, from when I started the recording. 
Please Help. This is an urgent issue.

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How long did you wait until you stopped the video? The video will become available as soon as the media services process it.

Assuming that you recorded a standard meeting, not a channel meeting.

Did you check the Recordings folder in your OneDrive?


You can find more information on the recording options here.

@Thomas Stensitzki The meeting lasted an hour. And i clicked on stop recording. Before leaving the meeting. Yes, I checked one drive and its still not there in the recordings folder. 

@akshithmahalinga-gep It can take sometime before the recording is available especially if it is a hour recording.

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But its been over 24 hours now. And still no sign of the recording!

@paul keijzers @Thomas Stensitzki Please check the below screenshot, there is no Saving Recording message. I found that a bit odd. And still no sign of the recording after 24 hours.
No Saving message. No Recording Stopped Message.No Saving message. No Recording Stopped Message.

That is odd it should be there. And were you the one recording or somebody else?

@paul keijzers I was the one recording. And I stopped the recording before leaving too.

That is strange. Can you review if the recording is in your OneDrive under recordings? Else I would suggest to create a ticket.
I checked the recordings folder on my one drive. It's not present. I'm trying to raise a ticket through my company's IT Support. I am assuming there's no way for me to raise the ticket directly, since its a business account?