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I'm currently using teams to connect with one of my doctors, and we have it set up to autofill in my calendar with the meeting dates and times. I'm on a Macbook Air M1 and have the app installed. My provider has been sending me the link, and it usually works fine.

However, today I tried to join the meeting from within the app, it launched firefox, I signed in, and then clicked "use the app." It crashed the app, and opened 6 new browser tabs asking me to sign in again. Signed in again, clicked "use the app" and then the cycle repeated with the opening of browser tabs and logging in, never quite getting me to my meeting. I finally just did the meeting through the web browser, but I'm trying to ensure this doesn't happen again in the future. Any help is appreciated.

Before anyone asks, the teams app and my OS are up to date, and it has permission to use my camera and webcam in the app.

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Enter your Mac's administrator username and password. In the left column, click the Accessibility section. If Microsoft Teams is not listed on the right side, click the plus sign and add Microsoft Teams. Then check the Microsoft Teams checkbox.

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